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February 19, 2018
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  Desktop computers are becoming less and less expensive, while getting more and more powerful. Yet, along with this increased power, comes the burden of learning how to tap all the available resources. Gaining confidence and familiarity with your computer and its tools can have a significant impact on how effectively you spend your time and energy.

The staff at Binary Mountain has many years of experience with desktop computers. Our technical experiences include:

Productivity Tutoring / Training
• Database
• Spreadsheets
• Word processing
• Audio / Visual presentations
• File / data organization and retrieval
• Labels / envelopes
• Form letters / mail merge
• E-mail sending / receiving
• Web browsing / surfing
• Basic computing concepts
• Setup
• Software installation
• Hardware installation
• Printer installation
• Peripheral installation

Please see our Data Services page for how Binary Mountain can help tap the power of your networked resources.

Please see our Networking page for how Binary Mountain can help grow your network.

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